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  • new developed graphical user interfacewith an even more intuitive user concept

  • an optimized general view for the work space

  • improved compatibility with all supported operating systems

  • complete new design of the integrated room planner

  • integrated tutorial videos

  • acces to several online shops directly out of the part administration


Track Design:

  • more realistic adding of shoulders (also more than one end section on one side of a track part)

  • option for a manual assignment of lanes

  • automatically closing the track by the software

  • adding of guide rails

  • automatic adding of pit lanes with a pit stop switch

  • shoulder assistant for the automated adding of shoulders by the software



  • remaining parts are directly shown on the item buttons

  • shoulders and buildings now also show the remaining parts on their buttons

  • item types can be highlighted to show where they are used within the layout

  • available, used and remaining number of parts is shown when placing the pointer over a certain track item



  • more intuitive navigation within the track layout

  • items looking even more realistic now

  • driver positions for the use in the new 3D viewer addon can be defined (the addon will be with costs)

  • enhanced textfield options

  • new magnifier function within the preview window



  • storage location for the screen shots can be defined by the user now

  • *.trk files can be shown in 3D with the new 3D viewer addon (addon is with costs)

  • item list can be exported to a CSV file

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