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Installation of Autorennbahnplaner on MacOS


Step 1:

Please download the following file: Autorennbahnplaner für MacOS (17,8 MB) version contains integrated runtime (24.01.2021)

Step 2:

Please copy file "" from directory "Downloads" into directory "Programme"

Step 3:

Use [CTRL] + [Mausklick] on file to open the context menu and chose option "Öffnen"

The following dialog will show up:

Open Dialog "Open". Done.
Parts of the application a hidden by the dock
Most Mac users do always have the dock visible at the bottom of the screen. As the Autorennbahnplaner software is running in full screen mode by default, its menu bar at the bottom might be hidden behind the dock. Basically there are two ways of solving this problem:
  1. Switch the display mode from "full screen" to "window" (which reduces the height of the application; so the dock does no longer cover the lower menu bar). The respective button can be found on the upper right corner (next to the "i")
  2. Switch the dock setting from "static" to "dynamic" in the settings of the operating system
My track files are not shown when calling the "Open-Dialog"
The default name when saving a track file for the first time is "mytrack.trk". It already contains the necessary file extension "*.trk". If you overwrite this name and while doing so maybe also the extension, the file will no longer be visible when calling the "Open-Dialog" as this dialog uses a certain filter to only show files with the extension "*.trk".
To avoid this problem, you should always add the extension "*.trk" to any file name when saving a track file. If you missed that out by accident, you can modify the file name in the file browser by adding the extension to make the file visible in the "Open-Dialog" again.
kostenlose Demoversion herunterladen

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