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Autorennbahnplaner on MAC OS X...
Basically the behaviour of applications which have been developed with Adobe AIR should be identical on all operating systems. nevertheless there are some issues to be considered when running the autorennbahnplaner software on MAC OS X...
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macOS Catalina user (Version 10.15.1) or newer, please download the following version: Autorennbahnplaner for macOS Catalina
Note for Mac OS 10.11 "El Capitan" & Adobe AIR version 20
Currently there is a known compatibility issue between Mac OS 10.11 and Adobe AIR version 20, which causes the application Autorennbahnplaner as well as other Adobe AIR applications not to start. In order to solve this problem please install the previous version (19) which can be downloaded here.

Change security preferences to "allow all" start the Autorennbahnplaner. Switch back security preferences to "verified only". Afterwards you should be able to start the application also the security setting is turned to "verified only".

Enabling and Disabling Gatekeeper

You turn on and off Gatekeeper by using the Security & Privacy preferences in System Preferences.

To enable or disable Gatekeeper using the Security & Privacy preferences

  1. In the Finder, launch System Preferences and select Security & Privacy.

  2. Click the lock button if it appears locked, and enter the administrator password.

  3. Chose option (3) to install the Autorennbahnplaner application

  4. Switch back to your previous security preferences and lock the option settings again

Installation of non-certified applications on MAC OS X...
With the introduction of the "Mac App Store" the installation of applications on Mac computers has become quite comfortable and as easy as on any iPhone or iPad. But this applies only to applications which have been developed by certified developers. For the installation of applications provided by non-certified developers you have to keep some special steps in mind.
When trying to install such kind of non-certified application, you will receive an error message like the one shown below:
“Autorennbahnplaner” can not be executed, as it is provided by a non-certified developer.
Your security settings do not allow the installation of applications which are not provided either by the App Store or a certified developer.
To install the software anyhow, please follow the steps as described below:
  • right mouse click on the symbol of the installation file to open the context menu
  • chose "open" from the context menu
You will now receive a quite similar message as shown above, but this time the dialog provides an additional button ("open"). By clicking this button you can proceed with the installation of the software.
Parts of the application a hidden by the dock
Most Mac users do always have the dock visible at the bottom of the screen. As the Autorennbahnplaner software is running in full screen mode by default, its menu bar at the bottom might be hidden behind the dock. Basically there are two ways of solving this problem:
  1. Switch the display mode from "full screen" to "window" (which reduces the height of the application; so the dock does no longer cover the lower menu bar). The respective button can be found on the upper right corner (next to the "i")
  2. Switch the dock setting from "static" to "dynamic" in the settings of the operating system
My track files are not shown when calling the "Open-Dialog"
The default name when saving a track file for the first time is "mytrack.trk". It already contains the necessary file extension "*.trk". If you overwrite this name and while doing so maybe also the extension, the file will no longer be visible when calling the "Open-Dialog" as this dialog uses a certain filter to only show files with the extension "*.trk".
To avoid this problem, you should always add the extension "*.trk" to any file name when saving a track file. If you missed that out by accident, you can modify the file name in the file browser by adding the extension to make the file visible in the "Open-Dialog" again.
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(32Bit Version - 64Bit Version user please click here)

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