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  • Easy installation due to installation wizzard.

  • Intuitive user interface.

  • Dynamic Screen resolution up to 2560 x 1600 px (4:3 and wide screen).


Track Design:

  • The program supports all parts of all Carrera track systems including switches, all kind of shoulders and any special items

  • Automatic placement of parts.

  • The program supports up to 8 lanes (4 tracks in parallel). Tracks can be arranged independent of each other or can be placed automatically in parallel by the multi track assistant feature.

  • Parts can be placed at any time and any position in the track layout and also be removed or exchanged by other parts easily.

  • Parts can be arranged in different layers. Layers can be swapped at any time by moving parts to back or front.

  • Parts crossing a looping will be displayed in the correct dimensional way.

  • Lanes can be highlighted by different color codings.

  • Parts can be given a color coding for easy distinguishing.



  • Complete item list of all available parts. Detailed information about parts in stock, parts already used in the current layout and remaining parts.

  • Correct display of individual lane length, which also considers different curve radius and lane changes.



  • Free rotation, scrolling and zooming is available, so that the user can always chose the display detail as required for the current planing step.

  • Automatic centering is supported to always show the entire track layout.

  • The program also contains a room planning tool to draw your own room borders. The room border can be given an anker position, so it is fix in relation to the track layout. By loosening the anker position in the menu, the track layout can be dragged and rotated independently.

  • A grid can be overlayed for beter orientation.



  • Print option for the track layout with automatic adjustment to the available printer format. Color printing is supported as well.

  • Print option for the item list.

  • Integrated screen shot feature, which will store your track layout to a jpg file.

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