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  Windows System  

Carrera Track Planner Version 2022.001.002 (17.06.2022) 4.2MB

Trial- and full version are identical. In trial mode the program has a limitation of 20 parts, which can be removed by entering the personal license key, which can be ordered here (24,95 EUR).


All customers:

Please install Adobe® AIRTM first.


Customers with previous version installed on their devices:

Please completely remove previous version prior installation of new version

(Folder: .../Programme (x86)/AutorennbahnplanerNG).


Carrera Track Planner Version 2012.003.002 (28.12.2012) 8.4MB

Customers who already bought a license key for the version 2012 & earlier can download this version via the link on the left and request a new license key free of charge if required from


Upgrading from version 2012 to version 2022 is with costs.

  Macintosh System  

Carrera Track Planner Version 2022.001.002 (17.06.2022) 5.3MB

Demo- and full version are identical. In demo mode the program has a limitation of 20 parts, which can be removed by entering the personal license key, which can be ordered here (24,95 EUR).


All customers:

Please install Adobe® AIRTM first.


Customers with previous version installed on their devices:

Please completely remove previous version prior installation of new version

(Folder: .../Programme/AutorennbahnplanerNG).


ATTENTION - User of a MAC with M1/ARM Hardware:

Some AIR applications will fail to launch when run on a device using Apple Silicon (M1 / ARM hardware). To work around this, please right-click on the application icon within Finder, choose "Get Info", and on the resulting dialog, select the checkbox "Open using Rosetta“.


Installation Guide

Installations Guide as PDF 57KB

  Release History  
  Version Remark
  Version 2022.001.002 (17.06.2022)  
  > Application has been moved to the latest version of  Adobe® AIRTM as provided by Harman® Harman®  (subsidiary of Samsung® ) took over maintenance and further development of the runtime environement of Adobe®  AIRTM from Adobe®. Therefore the Autorennnbahnplaner software had been moved to the new framework/runtime.
  Version 2021.001.001 (24.01.2021) Only available for MacOS
  > Version with integrated runtime (MacOS only)  
  Version 2018.001.001 (02.12.2020)  
  > Issues with the mechanical switches in system GO!!! fixed  
  > Wrong calculation of track length in system Universal fixed  
  Version 2018.001.000 (02.10.2017)  
  > New track system Universal 132 added  
  > New track system Profi added  
  > Design of item Hair Pin modified  
  > Several minor bug fixes  
  Version 2017.001.002 (09.01.2017)  
  > Problem with GO!!! switch solved  
  Version 2017.001.001 (01.01.2017)  
  > New items of GO!!! Plus  
  > improved handling of sub-tracks  
  Version 2016.001.002 (18.11.2016)  
  > adaption to Windows 10 taskbar  
  Version 2016.001.001 (27.05.2016)  
  > all new version  
  > all new items from the latest Carrera sortiment  
  Version 2013.001.026 (15.11.2015)  
  > All new sets of the Carrera portfolio 2016 have been added  
> Screen resolution has been adapted to iMac 5k displays (5120x2880)
  Version 2013.001.025 (01.05.2015)  
  > New Control Tower (Item-No. 21124) has been added  
  > All new sets of the Carrera portfolio 2015 have been added  
  > Some minor bugs have been fixed  
  Version 2013.001.024 (22.02.2014)  
  > Some minor bugs have been fixed  
  Version 2013.001.023 (22.02.2014)  
  > All new track items of the Carrera portfolio 2014 have been added  
  > All new sets of the Carrera portfolio 2014 have been added  
> The user interface has been optimized
  > Some minor bugs have been fixed  
  Version 2013.001.022 (12.01.2014)  
  > Loading a room plan will automatically link it to the current track file  
  > Bug "pressing the DEL key while the item list is opened removes the
   selected track item" fixed
  > Bug in Mac version "re-loading a room plan changes the scroll position"
  > The user interface has been optimized  
  > Some minor bugs have been fixed  
  Version 2013.001.021 (02.01.2014)  
  > English Tutorials (not all of the tutorials are linked yet)
  > Some minor bugs have been fixed  
  Version 2013.001.020 (24.12.2013)  
  > 3D Viewer tutorial (German language only) has been added The 3D viewer is an optional addon which can be purchased at the C3D homepage. With this software the autorennbahnplaner track files can be loaded and displayed as a 3D modell.
  > Pit lanes are now automatically added to the Pit Stop Switches also in
   insert mode
  > Deleting of lane assignment by accident is now avoided  
  Version 2013.001.019 (25.11.2013)  
  > Change mode will now also consider shoulders  
  > Mouse click into the workspace area will reset the focus  
  > End sections can now also be added to 1/3 and 1/4 straights  
  > Removing a track item will now also remove related shoulders from the
   item list
  > Shoulder assistant will now also consider high banked curves  
  > Correct counting for jump ramp has been implemented  
  > When calling the "close track" function, the change mode will switched off
  > All start sets have been prepared for the new 3D Viewer (coming soon)  
  Version 2013.001.018 (10.10.2013)  
  > Maximum screen resolution has been increased to 2880 x 1800 pixel to
   support MacBook Retina displays
  Version 2013.001.017 (07.10.2013)  
  > Bug menu for Startlight/Wireless Controller is invisible when window mode
   is active fixed
  > Bug item 30359 becomes 30358 after reload is fixed  
  Version 2013.001.016 (23.09.2013)  
  > Print of item list with black background fixed  
  > Items added to system GO!!! / Digital 143  
  > Some minor bugfixes  
  Version 2013.001.015 (19.09.2013)  
  > Print function modified  
  Version 2013.001.014 (16.09.2013)  
  > Bug with black background in printout on Windows systems fixed Printouts on Wimdows will now be printed as vector graphics instead of bitmap. Therefore transparency is currently not supported on printer or pdf printouts. Please use integrated screenshot functionality and print the screenshot if transparency is required.
  > Bug of downloading *.exe file on Mac fixed  
  > Bug of always showing available update on Mac fixed  
  Version 2013.001.013 (15.09.2013)  
  > Bug with transparent background for screenshot & printout fixed  
Version 2013.001.012 (15.09.2013)
  > Taskbar/Dock can be shown now  
  > Objects can be deleted via [Delete] key  
  > Some minor bugfixes  
  > Some minor optimizations in the UI  
  Version 2013.001.011 (10.09.2013)  
  > Lane changes for system GO!!!/Digital 143 considered correctly  
  Version 2013.001.010 (08.09.2013)  
  > File handling during saving & loading has been optimized  
  > button behaviour "close track" has been modified  
  > Handling of part button menues has been optimized  
  > Sequence of shoulders within the CSV file has been modified  
  > Some minor bug fixes  
  Version 2013.001.009 (31.08.2013)  
  > Progress bar while saving screenshots added  
  > Text label for show/hide and lock/unlock room after loading a track
   layout changed
  > Item numbers for shoulders of 1/3 and 1/4 straight changed  
  > Counting of crossings corrected  
  > When deleting a parent of a sub-track, the previous part will become the
   new parent
  > Lane changes will now be considered also during the manual assignment
   of lanes for all following items
  > when loading a new room shape, this will be conected with the current
   track layout and replace a previous one
  Version 2013.001.008 (25.08.2013)  
  > Bugfix within the room planner (save function)  
  Version 2013.001.007 (24.08.2013)  
  > from the scratch new developed version The version 2013 is a complete new developed version and is not downwards compatible.

Upgrading from older versions to version 2013 is with costs. Updates within a version are still for free.
  Version 2012.003.002 (28.12.2012)  
  > Minor bugfixes  
  Version 2012.003.001 (18.11.2012)  
  > New basic set (Gentlemen Racing) Digital 124 Available only at the Carrera-Shop
  > Minor bugfixes  
  Version 2012.003.000 (12.05.2012)  
  > Auto-adjust track ends  
  > Color Coding for distance and offset of track ends  
  > Invert planning direction prior planning  
  Version 2012.002.002 (13.03.2012)  
  > Minor bugfixes in textfields  
  > Side strips and shoulders can now be added to the startlight  
  Version 2012.002.001 (11.03.2012)  
  > Minor bugfixes  
  Version 2012.002.000 (11.03.2012)  
  > New option of adding buildings and equipment to your track layout  
  > Spanish version  
  > All new track items and basic sets from 2012  
  > Start light can now be inserted in all available positions  
  > Optimized functionality of adding text labels  
  > Several bugfixes and optimizations  
  Version 2012.001.003 (25.10.2011)  
  > Error Straight 171 is not saved in part administration fixed  
  Version 2012.001.002 (16.10.2011)  
  > Error wrong interpretation of lane change curve in system GO!!! fixed  
  Version 2012.001.001 (13.10.2011)  
  > Short optimizations and bug fixes have been applied  
  Version 2012.001.000 (09.10.2011)  
  > Error with Sub-Tracks after loading of last file fixed  
  > Error color codings in part administration are not saved fixed  
  > Improved loading of basic sets (including preview)  
  > New function "Hall of Fame"  
  > Improved Handling of textfields  
  > Improved navigation and zoom functionality  
  > Several short optimizations and bug fixes have been applied  
  Version 2011.003.000 (11.08.2011)  
  > Added grid view for items including item label Menu "View" select option "Item Label"
  > Error in color coding of new GO!!! items fixed  
  > Scrolling has been optimized  
  > Jump to next/previous item by using the page up/down button Menu "Part" has to be visible
  > Zooming has been optimized  
  > Handling of item "Crossing" has been optimized for Carrera GO!!!  
  > Error of item Jump, Additional Power and Transparency gets lost after
   undo/redo and reloading has been fixed
  > Several short optimizations and bug fixes have been applied  
  > Error after reset of menus to their default position has been fixed  
  > Error of missing branch button for item "Mechanical Switch" in System
   GO!!! has been fixed
  > Center view to selected item has been added  
  > Export item list to CSV-file has been added In order to import the item list into an Excel sheet
  > Wrong display in item list for system Carrera Evolution has been fixed  
  > New option to add user defined text fields has been added  
  Version 2011.002.002 (19.07.2011)  
  > Problem with sub-track in system GO!!! fixed  
  Version 2011.002.001 (06.07.2011)  
  > Problem with wrong position of sub-track fixed  
  > Layout of Control Unit has been updated  
  > Layout of Pit Stop Adapter Unit has been updated  
  Version 2011.002.000 (10.06.2011)  
  > New resolution for sub-notebooks added (1024 x 600)  
  > Resolution selection option in case of failed autodetection  
  > Position of part menues is now saved  
  > Several problems with color codings fixed  
  > Improved handling of shoulders  
  > Print layout of item list was improved  
  > Problem of missing color codes in item list printout fixed  
  > All new parts of 2011 added  
  > All new basic sets of 2011 added  
  > Wrong color coding of digital one lane shifts fixed  
  > Menu entry "Special Parts" for not affected systems removed  
  Version 2011.001.001 (01.01.2011)  
  > Problem with license modul fixed  
  Version 2011.001.000 (31.12.2011)  
  > Undo/Redo function added  
  > Wrong file name in item list fixed  
  > Manuell selection option for screen resolution added only available if automatic detection fails
  > Correct display of color codings after reload  
  > Missing labels for shoulders in system Evolution added  
  > Correct behaviour of color codes between main and print view  
  > Recovery of color codes after deselection  
  > Error "no shoulders at sub-track" fixed  
  Version 2011.000.002 (24.12.2011)  
  > Some minor bugs fixed  
  Version 2011.000.001 (23.12.2011)  
  > Startlight for 4 lane tracks added  
  > Crossing/bridge for all systems always in front  
  Version 2011.000.000 (21.12.2010)  
  > English language added Language can be changed during runtime on the options page
> Manual saving of item list Manual saving supports the management of different stocks
  > Dynamic item list Item list shows either all parts or only parts as used in the current track layout
  > Info text in item list shows number of parts as counted by the item list  
  > All new parts from Carrera 2010/11  
  > Wrong display of Carrera GO!!! single lane circle fixed  
  > Several minor bugs fixed  

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